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My full name is Mohammad Saria Houlboui I am from Syria, but moved to the United Arabe Emirates (UAE) on Novembre 2019 after finishing my university degree as a computer enginner with a GPA of 3.0.
I started developing software since my first year in university on which I have learned many programming langauges and worked on many tasks, developed software and helped many people in this field, I love doing it and will keep exploring more as I move forward.

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I started in my 2nd university year selling desktop and database projects to other colleagues using .Net technologies. Through that I managed to gain good experience in desktop development. This helped me to work as a remote WPF developer for a company in Iraq. After developing many small to mid-level management applications I wanted to try new things so I took an offer as a freelancer backend developer using Asp.net core. I started with the project but there was no team leader that was qualified to lead the project. This lead to me being assigned to lead the team as I was the most experienced between the developing team. Leading the team gave me a lot of experience in planning sprints and interacting with other teammates. After that I moved to .Net developing and acted as a team leader (remote) for a company in Czech Republic. We worked on task based contracts for other companies.
Along the way I developed a simulator for a subject in my University called parallel processors. The project simulated how the processors execute instructions in assembly. I also started my YOUTUBE channel and kept on selling programs. I also developed a CNN network for classification that took the base of ResNet blocks but in a shallow network so we can drop the memory used to store the weights without much accuracy drop. Currently I am working on developing new skills in AI, and .Net development.

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For those interested in exact details or considering me for a project and need to know particulars, here is a list of the main languages, methodologies and platforms I am well-versed in:

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